PHYRIS Africa Project

The PHYRIS Africa Project (PAP) is a flagship investment and marketing drive of PHYRIS Skin Care Concept - a five-star, award winning premium cosmetics made in Germany.

The PHYRIS Africa project seeks to create a large family of PHYRIS users on the Africa Continent through education and training as well as innovative marketing strategies.

PHYRIS Skin Care Concept recognizes people’s desire to look and feel good with healthy and radiant skin. Hence, the innovative PHYRIS 3-phase care concept which is superior to conventional care methods. PHYRIS is unique and gives results you can see and feel instantly and lastingly. PHYRIS deliver on its promise!

The Africa project team hereby invite all stakeholders – Cosmetics institutes, Beauty parlours, Spas, Supermarkets, Perfumeries, across Africa to join in this exciting initiative.

We look forward to welcoming you on-board!